Maybe the Saddest ThingMaybe the Saddest Thing

Flashing and dipping. Sampling and riffing. Action painting meets the pop of hip-hop. Here is a dashing figure of speech and preach, a lovepoet to the stars. In the words of L.L. Cool J: Bring in the funk, baby. “I am certain of nothing but of the holiness of the Heart’s affections, and the truth of the Imagination,” wrote Keats. Keats, too, would have admired the holy truth of Marcus Wicker, whose lyric wizardry astounds the ear in conclamant melodies and astonishes the eye “like a shard of glass catches a beam.”

– DA Powell, Author of Chronic

96 pages, 5.2" x 7.9", $13.99 Harper Perennial, 2012
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